Your website content is the key to driving traffic to your site. At InSourcingOut, we don't just provide content writing services to attract and appeal to potential customers, we also make sure that your content is optimized to attract Search Engine bots and improve your ranking on Google and the other search engines. Our team has the expertise to provide you with top quality content which is also incredibly SEO friendly.

Is your website content optimized to attract visitors and convert them to customers?

Writing for the web also requires a different strategy and skill set than writing for print and other types of media, and our content writers know that. So what separates good web content from bad?

Tips for Creating and Recognizing Great Web Content:

1. Realize that web surfers have short attention spans. They are usually on a mission, looking for something. They probably won’t read your website, they will scan it, looking for whatever piece of information or product they are seeking. Content should be concise and to the point. Make important phrases or titles bold or larger. Give them multiple ways to get to the information they need. If you reference a product or another part of your site, link that text, don’t make them go look for it in the menu.

2. Know your audience. Web content for a site about electrical engineering is obviously going to be very different than content for a site about a hot new boy band. Think of the range of ages and education levels of your target audience, then make sure the content is appropriate and accessible for the reading comprehension level of the users on the lower end of that scale. Simpler is almost always better anyway.

3. Put your most important information first. If you are offering a great sale on widgets, don’t wait until the very bottom of the page to mention it after you’ve described how you invented this product and explained what it does. Put the most relevant information up front, then if the user wants more information, they will dig deeper or keep reading once you’ve grabbed their attention.

4. Know your keywords. If you’re an eyeglass frames company, you may think it sounds really cool to use a tagline like “Your virtual space for spectacular spectacles.” But no one online is Google searching “spectacular spectacles.” They are searching on terms like “glasses online,” “cheap frames” and so on. This is the reason why it’s best to keep things simple and use the words and terms that your customers will use so that they can find you. A reputable content writing service will research this for you and make sure that the keywords relevant to your market are peppered throughout your site in a natural, organic way.

5. Don’t assume that users have entered your site via the home page. This is a major mistake many writers make when putting together the content for their site. They forget that due to the fact that most people find your site via search engines, they may be directed to any page of your website as the entry point, depending on the search terms they used. This is so important to keep in mind because if a site is not set up well, it can be confusing to the user as to where they are and whether they have reached a site that they really want to be on. Make sure that every page on your site has easy navigation back to the home page and other parts of the site, and that it is immediately obvious what site the user is on, and what it is about.

6. Keep SEO in mind. Any good content writing service will create your content with the intention of optimizing it for the search engines. There are numerous tricks and techniques to increase your opportunities for being found on the internet and getting more traffic to your website.

7. Don’t get too creative. Many companies try to get too clever and cute, and just end up confusing their customers, hindering their efforts to find what they want. A band may decide to use menu labels like “The Lowdown,” “Gigs” and “In the Mix” to sound cool, but it would much more clear for their visitors to simply say “About Us,” “Upcoming Events” and “News.” There are commonly used terms for a reason, because people have gotten used to what they mean, and if you try to make yourself unique by not using them, you’re actually just causing frustration for your potential customers.

8. Keep it current. Nothing drives customers away like a site that looks like it hasn’t been updated in years. Out-of-date info, blogs that haven’t had a new post in months, these things make a site visitor wonder if you will respond to their needs or whether you’re even still in business. And most won’t stick around to try to figure it out, not when there are plenty of other options. If you aren’t going to keep on top of your blog or social media, you are better off not to have them at all, or else you should hire a competent content writing service to keep them current for you.

9. Figure out what your site visitors want and give it to them. It really all boils down to this. Are your customers cost-conscious? Make sure that deals and promotions are prominently featured. Are they interested in DIY? Show them how your products can help them with their projects. Your content writing service should be able to help you determine what your customers are looking for, and how to give it to them.

At InSourcingOut, our content writers have many years of SEO training and specialize in their respective fields. Your web text will be written by experienced professionals who have a thorough and in-depth knowledge of the sector about which they write. We have a proven record of writing clear, relevant, entertaining, interesting and useful content that not only grabs the attention of your audience, but effectively converts them into customers.

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