Having a distinctive, professional corporate identity is not a luxury, it's a necessity. Potential customers make split second decisions about whether or not your business seems like one they would feel comfortable patronizing, usually based on totally subconscious feelings about what they see on your website, your flyer, your signage. Your choices regarding graphic design can therefore make or break your ability to get that sale. Is your current design working for you, or against you?

Don't drive your customers away with bad graphic design.

Your website is an indicator of your brand and we understand the value of having a professional website design that appeals to your clients and customers. Our experts do regular market research about the latest trends, so you can stay ahead of the competition. It’s easy to find graphic designers and design companies, choosing the right one is the challenging part.

Design is where many businesses choose to cut corners, thinking that the look of their packaging or the visual appeal of their website is not that important as long as they have a good product or service. Nothing could be further from the truth. Consumers have become used to increasingly sophisticated online and offline marketing, high resolution imagery and clean modern designs. As a result, websites and other marketing materials created by non-professional graphic designers immediately stick out like a sore thumb. Consumers will make snap judgements about your professionalism and quality based on the gut reaction they have towards your design choices.

As the old adage goes, “You never get a second chance to make a first impression.” Your graphic design is an integral aspect of your professional first impression, especially since your signage, your logo, your website design are the first things the customer will see before they enter your store or start exploring your products and services. It can make or break your ability to get them in the door or keep them from clicking away.

Some questions to ask about your current graphic design:

How is our logo? Bad logo design could be the subject of an entire article, because so many businesses do not take the time or money to pay for a quality graphic designer to create a top-notch logo. Too many logos are cluttered, fussy, hard to read or simply confusing. Effective logos are simple, clear, unique, look great very small or very large, look great in color or in black and white, and work as well on a t-shirt or a keychain as they do on signage or your website. Great logos also evoke feelings based on your corporate values; feelings and impressions like nostalgia, speed, beauty, warmth, growth, movement and more. Take an honest, unbiased look at your logo and ask whether it is working for you. Even better, print it off and show it very briefly (3-5 seconds) to a few people who don’t know you or your business, and ask them to give their immediate, gut level impressions.

Is our design consistent? Do all your marketing materials match each other? Or does your website look completely different in design and tone than your flyers, business cards and other materials? Having coherence among all your marketing materials is essential to presenting a clear picture to your potential clients about who you are as a business.

Are our business values reflected in our design? Think about your mission and what is important to your customers. What are your most important business values? Are you committed to high-quality craftsmanship? Value and low price? Creating social connections? Serving the underserved? Speedy service? Cutting-edge technological advancements? Think of some of the adjectives that you would use to describe your business, or adjectives that you would LIKE to be associated with your business. Now look at your website and other design materials. Are your business values reflected in your designs, or is there a disconnect?

How does my design stack up against the competition? Think of your three biggest competitors and take a look at their designs. How does your design look by comparison? What do you like about their designs? What do you dislike? How can you do better?

What is my budget? Start gathering up all your marketing materials and make a list of all items that will need to be redesigned so that you can start planning for the cost. This will include items like your letterhead, business cards, packaging, signage, your website, t-shirts and anything else that has your logo or design on it.

What is my timeline? Is there an upcoming event or launch of a new product for which the new design needs to be completed? Or are you flexible on your timeline? Even if you don’t have a hard-and-fast deadline for design completion, it can be helpful for your team and for the graphic design company that you have hired if you set some target dates for brainstorming meetings, milestones and the like. If you do have a non-negotiable deadline, be sure to inform your designers of the importance of meeting this completion date.

As a top graphic design company, we will help you find your voice and develop a professional branding that reflects your business identity. With years of experience in print and digital media, our experts will develop your brand and any kind of graphic collateral you need, carefully mixing graphic expertise with a market-oriented vision. When it comes to web design, we also carefully consider the user experience, site competitiveness and SEO friendliness. Our graphics are intelligent, effective and inspired, and they help to convert your site visitors into customers.

Our team can:

  • Convey your company values in a visual format;
  • Develop a consistent, strategic image (your brand);
  • Grab customers' attention with a powerful, striking identity;
  • Use visual techniques to convey information in a clear and user-friendly way;
  • Ensure that every solution is delivered on time with our 24/7 graphic studio.

Clear branding and graphic design is integral to the success of your business. Make sure that yours is powerful and professional by contacting InSourcingOut today.

We look forward to working with you!

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