Does public perception of your business match your ideal image?

You don't have to be a multinational corporation to profit from public relations. Whether your target audience is the entire world or just your local neighborhood, any business can benefit from managing the perception of the public and making every effort to put their best face forward.

What is Public Relations?

The Public Relations Society of America (PRSA) defines public relations in this way:

“Public relations is a strategic communication process that builds mutually beneficial relationships between organizations and their public.”

Simply put, public relations is the art and science of creating and maintaining positive relationships, goodwill and visibility between your company and your public, thereby enabling growth and increased sales. At InSourcingOut, as a full-service PR company we take care of all aspects of CRM (Customer Relationship Management) for our clients. We handle:

  • Consumer Marketing
  • Health PR
  • Fashion and Beauty PR
  • Crisis Management
  • Corporate Communications
  • Public Affairs
  • and many other areas.
We assess the needs of every client individually, then our public relations experts design a campaign tailored to your market and customers. We write news releases, work with the press, and arrange interviews with the media as needed. Our PR experts have existing relationships with media and opinion leaders, which help them to run an effective campaign and get your message into the public eye in a way that will result in a greater positive awareness of your brand. At media outlets where they don’t have pre-existing relationships, they know how to create them.

What do our public relations campaigns entail? We create and implement PR campaigns customized to meet your needs and business goals. This includes:

  • Identifying all the stakeholders in your industry, engaging with them and listening to them;
  • Segmenting and focusing on your target audience;
  • Developing the right voice for your business and your campaign;
  • Measuring and evaluating the effectiveness of everything we do.

Why is Public Relations so important?

Public relations is frequently worth much more than traditional advertising, especially today. The public is bombarded from every side by advertisements on TV, on billboards, on their phones, on their computer, embedded in the software they use and plastered on almost every available surface in the public sphere. To cut through all this noise, people look to certain trusted sources to tell them what they really need to know and want to hear about. If you can reach your audience through one of these sources, it often has much greater impact than placing a banner ad online or buying commercial time.

The problem is, placing an ad on Google or even creating a commercial is relatively easy compared to getting your company featured in the paper or being asked to come speak on a topic as an expert in your field on the local news. This is where hiring a professional public relations company comes into play. A firm that specializes in public relations has the expertise, existing relationships and media savvy to help you negotiate the complexities of getting your business in the public eye and building your reputation in the community.

Many companies think they can manage public relations on their own, without any previous experience or real knowledge about how the media industry works. They write an article that they want to share about their business, send out a press release, and then wonder why no one follows up or prints it. This is where having a public relations professional working for you can be invaluable.

What the media and the public really want is a great story. A PR expert knows how to craft a story that is truthful to your brand, but will also grab the attention of the media and the public. They know the back channels to get through to the media and get your company seen. They know how to generate interest in your service, product or newsworthy story. They also know how to analyze your target audience and speak to them.

Not all media outlets are equal when it comes to reaching your potential customers. And not all messages will speak to all groups in the same way. A top-notch public relations guru knows how to speak to your audience and where and how to reach them. By handing them the reins, you can save yourself a lot of time and effort, trying to experiment and figure out what will generate results on your own. They have the experience to target your public relations dollars in the most effective and economical way possible.

Your PR partner can also help create opportunities in the community for you to be seen and appreciated. Donations to charity, visible volunteer opportunities, creating fun special events, advocating for a good cause or a variety of other ways you can be seen engaging with and contributing to your community can all be a boon to promoting a positive image for your company. A public relations professional can help you identify opportunities to do good, while reaching the largest audience possible and building goodwill and relationships with your customers, the public, government agencies, charities and other businesses.

Public relations is so much more than “free advertising.” It is an ongoing process of recognition- and reputation-building. The results of a great PR campaign are felt throughout your business, in referrals, in sales, in customer loyalty, as the public grows to know you and see you as a company that can be trusted and relied upon.

Robust PR/CRM requires professionalism, dedication and a thorough knowledge of all the stakeholders involved. At InSourcingOut, we have the expertise to keep you in the public eye in a positive way.

Before hiring a PR firm, keep in mind that your decision will affect the perception of your organization to the positive or negative, potentially for years to come. Regardless of size, your business deserves great public relations. Give your organization the reach and impact it deserves. Contact us at InSourcingOut today to create a custom PR plan for your business.

We look forward to working with you!

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