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Globalization has forced companies to severely cut costs in order to remain competitive in the market. Cost reduction has therefore become a prime focus for any company, and outsourcing is a key component in any cost reduction plan. It is one of the most common strategies used to reduce costs, while ensuring that all company operations are still run efficiently.

InSourcingOut team experts are certified .NET, PHP, Java and mobile developers. Whether you are a brand new start-up or a well-established entity, we can help you with building custom software, web or mobile platform solutions that will keep you ahead of your competition, solve your business problems, attract clients and build your brand.

Why Custom Software Development?

1. Every company is unique. There are lots of great programs available to do all kinds of things that your business might need, but there is no way that any program designed for the average user or average business can possibly cover every potential need. You may find a great program for taking online payments, but perhaps you require extra security measures or you need special language options that aren’t included, or any number of extra tweaks to make it work most effectively for your customers. This is where custom software development comes in.

2. Your business will run more efficiently. Often companies buy a pre-packaged program and try to make it work for their situation, in order to save money. Make no mistake, custom software is more expensive than buying something off the shelf and using it as is. But there will always be a trade-off, and you need to factor in the amount of productivity lost by staff trying to work with a program that may be missing key features, or the business lost due to not being able to effectively market your company the way you need to or not being able to serve your existing customers effectively. Custom software development requires a greater initial investment, but pays dividends later.

3. It grows with your company. Packaged software is limiting. As time goes on you will find that you have even more use for new customizations, and the existing software will hinder your business efforts more and more. And then eventually, you will have to start over and find a whole new software package to install, use and get used to. And it still won’t meet all your needs. Custom software can grow and change with you as your business grows and changes. When you aren’t hemmed in by the limitations of your software, it allows you and your staff to come up with creative ideas for how to better serve customers and make your workload easier.

4. It can integrate with other programs. Are you using one program to take orders, another to process payments, another to create invoices and another to store customer data? Even if your systems are not this fragmented, having a custom solution created for you to either replace or integrate with your existing software can be a huge time-saver. It can also help you significantly reduce the errors inherent in keeping the same data scattered throughout multiple separate systems. If a customer changes their phone number, you should be able to update it once and have it take effect throughout your entire system. This is just one of the many potential benefits of custom software development.

5. You can sell your software. When you pay to have software created to your specifications, you own the rights to it. Therefore, if another company similar to yours might find it useful as well, you can sell or license it to them. This can become an additional source of income for your business.

6. Custom software is more secure. Most hackers concentrate on trying to break into programs that they know something about, and once they figure out the weaknesses of a given program, they can use that knowledge to hack into all the companies that use that same software. When you are using software designed specifically for you, hackers are less likely to try to hack your system because the time spent isn’t going to pay off nearly as much as learning how to hack a system that is used by many businesses.

7. No need to worry about losing your software to whims of the industry. If you buy and use a packaged software or service, you have no guarantee about what will happen if that company suddenly goes out of business, changes the fee structure or decides to change or discontinue support for your program. You can find yourself in a very difficult situation if your service is suddenly discontinued and you have to rush to try to get something else set up to replace it. With custom software that you own, this is not an issue.

There are many custom software development companies in Ohio and throughout the US, but most of them are just brokers who take your job order and forward it to some low cost company overseas. They don't have their own team or the vision to create truly custom software development solutions.

Here at InSourcingOut, we set higher quality and technological standards in comparison to our peers in the industry and take seriously our mission to maintain our reputation as a top custom software development company. We take the time to understand your needs and provide you with the best possible solution, without compromising on the quality of the end product.

InSourcingOut is your partner in maximizing productivity and lowering costs. As you focus on your core business activities, we will work with you, side by side, to make sure that all of your business operations are supported and running smoothly. We will seamlessly blend with your core business and help you achieve your goals.

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