Every website needs a plan.


One of the most damaging things you can do to your business is to build and launch a new website or website redesign without a carefully thought out and systematic plan. You need to know that all potential issues are anticipated and resolved before your customers begin browsing your site. If your customers are the ones to discover the broken links or they try to use a shopping cart to find that it's confusing or doesn't quite work, they most likely won't call to let you know. They'll just leave your site and take their business elsewhere.


Over the years, InSourcingOut has developed a methodology in Web Project Management to ensure that all aspects of your site are thoroughly planned out with an eye to quality, accuracy and ease of use.


Our planning methodology for any website spans five critical areas:

  1. The style tile, web design and sitemap
  2. The CMS (Content Management System)
  3. API integration and customization
  4. Website information architecture and functions
  5. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) strategy


Contact us today at InSourcingOut, where our team of experienced project managers can design and develop your website to your specifications, on time and within the allocated budget.