Any online marketing strategy today must include social media, it is simply that important. But trying to stay on top of the constantly shifting landscape of social media platforms can be daunting. That marketing strategy you use to great success this month, may fall completely flat the next. This is where your business can benefit from having a great social media marketing company working for you, keeping your content fresh and in the public eye.

Harness the power of your customers through social media.

The viral nature of social media lies in its features for sharing information and ideas. Customers tend to share the things they enjoy and care about through links, videos, images and text. Are they sharing information about you and your business? Chances are, you could be doing much more to engage them.

Choosing to focus on the right social media platforms to reach your potential customers is one of the keys to success in social media marketing. We all know about Facebook and Twitter, but what about LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, Google+, blogs, and on and on? Do you know which platforms are used most by your target audience? Do you attract (or want to attract) an international audience? What social media sites are most used in the regions or countries that you would like to tap into?

Which social media platforms should my company be using?

There are numerous ways for people to share information online, and the social media landscape is constantly changing. You can’t possibly keep a highly active presence in all of them. Depending on what your service or products are about, and who you are trying to reach, some social media platforms will be much more effective for you than others. Let’s take a look at the distinguishing features of some of the top social media platforms:


  • This is the largest social media network on the web. Regardless of what type of business you have, being on Facebook is a must.
  • Extremely flexible in the types of content you can post, plus you can create events, tag photos, create groups for special interests, reach larger audiences through paid advertising and much more.
  • The biggest challenge is in filtering through all the options and figuring out how to use them to the greatest advantage for your business.


  • Popular with a slightly younger audience than Facebook.
  • Caters to sharing short messages, and links to other information. Retweeting and sharing is very easy, and a great video or image can go viral quickly.
  • Good for handling customer service (and showing people that you are responsive to such queries).


  • A heavily visual platform where users create virtual bulletin boards on a given interest or subject.
  • Mostly female audience.
  • Great for reaching people interested in sharing hobbies, DIY, crafting, photography, food, fashion, exercise, beauty products, etc.


  • Like Pinterest, it is heavily photo and video based.
  • Designed for mobile almost exclusively.
  • This platform skews to asomewhat younger demographic than the others. Also slightly more women than men, but not as heavily skewed by gender as Pinterest.
  • Great for design-based businesses or any business that has high-quality imagery and videos.


  • Used for uploading and sharing videos online. Great way to share news, fun content, music and more.
  • Much less time-sensitive than the other sites. Your uploaded video will be available for people to find for years to come, and if it is particularly useful or informative, its visibility and performance in driving people to your service can actually improve over time.
  • You can generate income via ads on your videos.


  • Mobile only.
  • Caters to a very young audience.
  • Content is shared and then automatically deleted, so the focus is not on highly polished content, but quick tidbits to grab the user’s interest.


  • Primarily a business networking tool.
  • Skews to an older audience.
  • Good option for reaching business professionals, entrepreneurs, white collar workers, management types.

Besides the platforms mentioned above, there are many additional avenues for sharing content online that your business may want to consider. These include sites like Google+, Vine, Tumblr, Yelp, bloggingsites like WordPress, and many more sharing sites and social media platforms that are being created all the time.

If you are trying to reach a young audience, it is particularly relevant for you to be working with a social media marketer that is staying abreast of the current trends, because the landscape is constantly shifting and young people are notoriously fickle and switching their attention from one service to another as consensus changes on what is “in” or “out.”

Other things you need to consider:

  • When to post content. Different users are active at different times of day (for instance, Facebook use peaks in the afternoon, LinkedIn in the morning).
  • Are your images and videos optimized for mobile? Users now get their online content from their mobile devices more than any other way.
  • Plus many more factors like, how easily can your content be shared? Are you creating content with titles that grab viewers’ attention? Is your content accessible to people with vision or hearing impairment?

Hiring a top-quality social media marketing company ensures that your SMM strategy is as effective as possible. Our social media marketing experts at InSourcingOut stay abreast of all the current trends. They know the tricks and techniques to get you noticed on social media.

An InSourcingOut custom SMM campaign is based on meticulous research of the market and your business needs and objectives. We focus on what matters most to you and your customers. We get your brand in front of your targeted audience so that they can discover your products and services, see your news and announcements, share with their friends and get in touch with you. All of which helps to improve recognition of your brand and increase sales.

Our team can:

  • Design custom fan pages
  • Manage social media statuses
  • Automatically schedule tweets
  • Report and manage your reputation
  • Create stunning marketing videos
  • Measure social media referrals
  • Track your social media button activity

We also develop Social Media Marketing Plans and Work-Time Estimates based on client requirements, and advise our clients on the best practices we have learned throughout the year.

Contact us to see the difference that professional social media marketing can make to engagement with your business.

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