Are you overwhelmed with administrative, clerical or technical tasks?

InSourcingOut can expand your office and provide you with professional Virtual Assistants who are available 24/7. We provide tailored services like virtual office packages, telephone services, business addresses, business mail services, etc. so you can save your time and energy for more important business functions and even enjoying your weekends again!

Why hire a Virtual Assistant?

  • To focus on the bigger picture. Partnering with a Virtual Assistant can help you handle many of those tedious, time-consuming tasks like scheduling meetings, paying bills, travel booking etc. that need to get done, but that chip away at your day. Outsourcing this work to a VA allows you to focus on higher-level issues and growing your business.
  • To save money. A full-time assistant is expensive, especially when you don't need one all the time. With the help of a Virtual Assistant, you save money by only paying for the time and assistance you need, without the expense of providing dedicated office space and other physical resources (like a computer, phone line, etc.).
  • For the expertise. You have better things to do than try to figure out why your Word document isn't formatting properly, or how to get that spreadsheet to perform complex calculations. We can provide you with experienced and qualified Virtual Assistants who are experts in those areas and many more.
  • For a better life/work balance. Besides just assisting you with your business needs, our VAs can help you in your personal life as well. For instance, they can send reminders about important dates, schedule phone calls or help plan your weekend activities. They can assist you with your holiday and special occasion shopping, find a doctor or book appointments.

How to Choose a Virtual Assistant
      So you’ve started your new business, gotten through the launch phase and you’re starting to make a profit. The hard part is over, right? You may find that in many ways the next phase – running and maintaining a successful business over the long haul – is actually the most difficult part of being an entrepreneur. And even though you kept telling yourself that “once I get past the startup phase, I can relax and have more free time,” it just hasn’t quite happened.
          If you still find yourself overwhelmed with the daily tasks that are required to run a business, and you could use some help but don’t have the resources or space to hire full-time, on-site office help, you may want to consider looking to a Virtual Assistant.
              A Virtual Assistant can help you with a variety of tasks to lighten your load, such as booking travel arrangements, scheduling appointments, editing documents, creating spreadsheets, proofreading, customer service and more.

                  Things to consider when seeking the best Virtual Assistants for your company:
                    • What do you need help with on a daily basis? Write out a list, and think about what special and/or technical skills may be needed. Do you need someone for writing, web design, accounting, internet research, social media management, customer service, or sales and marketing? Will they need any particular licenses, degrees or certifications? What software will they need to use and be fluent in? Are there any special language skills you would prefer them to have? Will they need any special equipment to do the work or to communicate properly with you?
                    • Will these be one-time projects, or are you looking for ongoing assistance? An estimate of the number of hours per week that you expect to use an assistant will help your staffing firm provide a good fit for you when you get ready to hire.
                    • Do you often have tasks that are high urgency, i.e. will you need your Virtual Assistant to be on-call and available at a moment’s notice? Or do you mostly need help with things that are less time sensitive?
                    • Which of your needs is a top priority? Put your list in order so you can focus on hiring an assistant or assistants to cover your most important tasks first.
                    • Determine your budget. This will help you determine which tasks you can focus on now and which you might decide to put off until a later time.

                    Armed with this information about the type of assistance you need, it is now time to find the perfect Virtual Assistant. Below are some of the qualities to look for when it comes to finding a reputable Virtual Assistant staffing company:
                      • Do they have Virtual Assistants with a wide variety of skills available for hire?
                      • Have they screened and tested their Virtual Assistants to ensure that they can in fact perform the duties that they claim?
                      • Will this service be able to grow with your business as your needs change?
                      • Do they offer competitive rates based on the industry standards?
                      • Can you reach someone when you need to? Are they available during your working hours, or even better, accessible around the clock?

                      Once you are clear about how you can best benefit from the help of a Virtual Assistant, contact us at InSourcingOut! We will work with you to understand your needs, discuss your options and then provide you with dedicated, skilled and professional Virtual Assistants to take your business to the next level.

                      You take your hiring seriously, and so do we. We have a wide variety of US-based staff, who will give you the best assistance possible virtually. We test all our Virtual Assistants for their tech and communication skills, and out of thousands of applicants, only the best and most skilled are selected to be a part of our pool of InSourcingOut Virtual Assistants.

                      Contact us at InSourcingOut today to get started crafting a custom solution based on your needs. We’ll ensure that all your VA tasks are performed accurately and efficiently, while you get back to focusing on the big picture and growing your business.

                      We look forward to working with you!

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