A thoughtfully designed website with a modern look and an intuitive user experience builds confidence in your company and increases your sales. Your company deserves the best web development services available to create a professional online experience for your customers and staff. Let us help you craft a professional business identity reflected in your customized website. Whether you need to create a custom app, sell your products online, redesign the look of your site, integrate your blog with your social media, or almost anything else, you can count on our staff of professional and highly-experienced web designers and programmers to deliver.

Most businesses don't use their websites to their full potential. Surfers on today's web are accustomed to (and expect) interactivity, speed, user-friendliness, ease of use and an attractive design that looks good and works well on any device. How does your website stack up?

On the modern internet, visitors to your website expect more than pictures and text.

Here at InSourcingOut, we have a structured and tested buildout process which helps to streamline your site design and reduce errors and problems. We are constantly seeking out new ideas and cutting edge technology to incorporate into the sites we build. Besides taking care of all your web development needs, we deliver the desired result within a quick timeframe, and save you money. Not only will your website look good, but it will perform well and at a fast speed with minimal server downtimes, ensuring a smooth and positive user experience.

Our development services include:

  • Web Programming
  • Web Design
  • E-Commerce
  • Project Management

Preparing for your custom programming project

There are a number of things you need to think about when preparing to contract a web development company to create a custom program for your business. Gather with your team to begin sketching out your plans, and as you do, consider the following:

What are your goals for this project? This is the most important step of the process before you do anything else. You must be clear about what you hope to achieve with this custom program. Without clear goals, you can end up spending time and money on something that doesn’t ultimately achieve what it was meant to do. So spend some time thinking about what is the ideal outcome for what you would like to achieve with this online tool. Even if you find that your ultimate ideal tool is not feasible or practical or within your budget, it will inform your decision on choosing the next best possible solution.

Who is your target audience? This is another critical part of the planning process. Be clear about who you are trying to reach and cater to. A program geared towards senior citizens is going to have very different considerations than one geared to teenagers for instance. Are there multiple groups you need to cater to? You might need to consider creating different experiences for different audiences. What special needs might your audience have? Create a profile or profiles of the types of users you expect or want to visit your site.

What is the timeline? Again, it is critical to set up some target dates up front. If there is a hard and fast date by which this project MUST be online and operational, you will need to plan accordingly. Even if the launch date is not set in stone, it’s still a good idea to come up with some target dates so that your developers can also have goals and let you know how feasible they are within your timeframe.

Who will lead the project? Start planning now, as to whether this project will be or headed by one person, or broken into parts and led by various teams. Make sure everyone is clear on their roles and individual team timelines.

What content needs to be created? One of the things that often slows down website development is not your staff waiting on the developers to finish the programming, but the web development company waiting on your staff to write content or get them the data or photos that they need. If the project is going to involve a database of customer information, or pages of technical content that will need to be written, or photos of all your products, start putting that together now. Launches are frequently held up by the fact that staff doesn’t start putting the site content together until the website is built and otherwise ready to go.

What security issues are involved? Will you be asking for or accessing your users’ personal information? Online programming can be a powerful way for you to gather data, market directly to your customers and increase sales. But with data collection also comes privacy and hacking concerns. Start thinking about any potential opportunities and risks involved in harnessing and using your user data. Consult with legal counsel if necessary.

How will you market this new site/program/app? It’s not too early to start researching and thinking about how you will promote your new site or web program. Think about how you are going to reach your target audience and research keywords and search terms that your team will want to incorporate into the content of the site wherever possible.

How will you test and maintain your new custom program? Plan for a period of testing and refining before AND after the site or program launch. Too many businesses skip this step, or simply have some staff members test out the functionality of their program, thinking that if it makes sense to them, it will be easy to use for the end customer. Having your site tested by an audience of your typical target users can often be very revealing and will cause you to refine and rethink how your functionality should work. Plan to get some volunteers to test out your site while you watch the way they interact with it, or work with your development company to do this crucial step before launching. After launch, plan to also set aside a “test period” of live use and to make modifications based on the results.

Once you have a solid plan in place, contact InSourcingOut to bring your ideas to life and take your website into the modern era.

We look forward to working with you!

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